Originally posted July 2017 on siliconANGLE.com.

Business growth in the 21st century is no longer defined by traditional standards or the 90-day shot clock of Wall Street. In the era of digital disruption, to remain competitive it is necessary that an organization respond to changing markets and evolve quickly. In fact, 31 percent of business leaders are flipping their business strategies based on digital technologies, according to a recent Forrester report.

“I was one of those CIOs [chief information officer] where the consultants would say, ‘Don’t say what you’re saying, because you’re saying that technology is the driver for the business model, and we’re saying it’s an enabler.’ And I’d say, ‘No, it’s really a driver.’ So I’m really happy that we’ve come into that … it’s the right thing to think about when you’re sitting at a board,” said Virginia Gambale (pictured), managing partner at Azimuth Partners LLC.

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