Reinvent Your Company Around Tech Despite Wall Street Pushback, says Industry Veteran

If you’re not investigating how technology can drive your business, you’re in trouble. And doing that involves taking a long-term view of your company’s future despite Wall Street’s obsession with quarterly numbers.

So advises Virginia Gambale, managing partner of Azimuth Partners, LLC, and a former senior technology executive at several multinational firms. Gambale has also served on more than 20 public and private boards.

The reason for Gambale’s dramatic statement?

“Technology used to ‘enable’ your business. Now it truly ‘drives’ the business,” she says. And that requires
innovation and direction from the boardroom down—a flip from traditionally relying on the IT department to figure
out how to innovate with tech. Now, she contends, it’s the companies with forward-thinking board directors who live
with innovation and disruption in their day jobs that will empower companies to prevail.