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Why did you decide to become a public company director?

The work that I did as a partner in Deutsche Bank Capital was my entrance into being a board director. I began to think then about the impact that you can have on company performance. A partner at Deloitte, whom I worked with for many years in the corporate world, recommended me to a recruiter for a board role.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a director?

The ability to have impact is tremendous, because the future of our economy and our society rests on the corporations that are putting forth goods and services. That for me is the greatest benefit of being a board director.

What is the biggest surprise you’ve had since becoming a director?

Truly, the lack of diversity of skill set and gender and ethnicity on boards has surprised me most. I had heard about it, read about it, but until you really get inside this world, you don’t how we limit our potential as organizations without diversity.

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